Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Dental Rehab

Restore Your Smile and Improve Your Quality of Life With a Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

People with badly decayed, worn or missing teeth can feel hopeless about being able to regain their smile and chewing ability. However, with a full-mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Nguyen can completely restore healthy oral function and an attractive smile. Because of her prosthodontic training (specializing in aesthetic restoration and replacement of teeth), Dr. Nguyen is able to treat even the most difficult cases.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Procedures

A full-mouth rehabilitation is fully customized for each patient based on their needs and will consist of one or more procedures. Damaged or decayed teeth can be restored with crowns or repaired with root canals, and missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, bridges or partial dentures. Treatment may also involve veneers or dental bonding to improve the color and shape of existing teeth. Whatever procedure you need, Dr. Nguyen can provide it.

Customized Treatment Plan

Dr. Nguyen provides a comprehensive exam, takes X-rays and 3D scans, as needed, and creates impressions of teeth to plan for full-mouth rehabilitation. She makes a treatment plan that addresses your main concern first. Maybe you have an important event coming up and want something cosmetic fixed, or maybe you’re in pain and need that taken care of first. She will customize the plan based on your needs and wants.

Custom Dental Treatment

Keeping You Comfortable

We are known for our friendly and caring treatment. Our business is to make you as comfortable as possible at all times. You will be provided with pillows, blankets, music, TVs and headphones. For long procedures, sedation options are also available.

Comfortable Dental Treatment

Rejuvenating Smiles

With Dr. Nguyen’s treatment, you can enjoy a better quality of life. Full-mouth rehabilitation has a rejuvenating effect and can take years off your appearance. It returns comfortable and healthy oral function, allowing you to smile and chew with increased confidence.

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Happy Full Mouth Rehab patient